There seems to be new advancements happening in the field of technology every day and hundreds of products hitting the market to go with each invention. Unless you're in the business, some of these innovations are bound to be lost on the average person. But, whether you're looking to improve the productivity in the office or are living in a home with several laptops, one that you should definitely know about is WiFi technology. Here is a little more about it and why you might want to invest in just one more gadget.

WiFi stands for wireless fidelity and allows computers to access the Internet with just a wireless router and a network card. This means that if you're teaching a class, for example, you could present a slideshow on your laptop at the front of the classroom without needing to connect directly to a router or modem. And if you're at home relaxing at the end of the day, you can play an online game while you're watching television. There are all sorts of great benefits to WiFi technology.

There are two types of wireless networks out there: open and closed. If you're setting up a network for your home or a commercial office then you'll likely want a closed network that is only accessible by password. This will keep other people from feeding off of your Internet connection and using up the bandwidth or monthly downloading allowance. If you have a wireless network card in your laptop you might have the chance to connect to an open network at a local coffee shop or the public library. This is free to anyone who is within a certain range of the router.

WiFi technology was created for those using lightweight computer devices, but there are reasons that you might want to switch to this style of router if you're working with desktops as well. If you're working in an office with many others investing in mutual funds or doing advertising this will reduce the amount of wires that are running across the floors and walls. This will make the space easier to design and navigate.

There are many tools out there other than the standard laptop that you can also take with you and have the help of WiFi technology. If you're working in catering and need to have access to your email from anywhere then you might want to look into a phone or iPad that allows you to connect quickly and easily from any number of locations. There are also wireless portable routers that look like zip drives so that one can take the Internet with them wherever they go. With these you need to purchase the device as well as a monthly plan.

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