When talking about new technologies that have become popular in the last couple of years one of the things that is going to come to mind is the smartphone. From people who need to be tapped in to the office and other business matters or a student organizing their school and social schedule there are millions of people throughout the world who have one of these devices. Now it seems to be passe to have a phone that only allows you to call people, as strange as that may seem. Here is a little bit more about what you can expect to get with a smartphone and how to choose the right model for your needs.

There is no official definition of a smartphone but most consider them to be handheld devices that work as both a cellular phone and a small personal computer or PDA. They allow you to store information, like addresses, memos or music, as well as giving you access to the Internet. The first phone of this kind, which actually came out in 1992, even had a fax machine on it. While you might not need that to help you sell homes or to schedule everything from going to the gym to picking up the kids there are many new features that you might find useful.

The two most popular smartphones currently on the market are the Apple iPhone and Android operating phones. Some models include the Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy and LG. Certainly not all phones are created equal and they come in a variety of price ranges with a long list of features that make each one desirable to a different market. While two different people may want a smartphone they are likely each going to value different elements different smartphones offer. You should know what you need your phone to be able to do before heading to your local store.

The first thing you should think about is what sort of hardware you need the phone to have. While most designs will now include a camera and a QWERTY keyboard, you might also want something extra like a music player or a video camera feature. If you're mainly going to be trading emails with others who work with software programs, then you might need a phone that can open certain types of files. Make a list of all of the must-have elements that you're looking for.

Once you have what you need don't overdo it with too many extras. If you work in an environment where you don't think you'll be using your phone for complex things other than texting and phoning then you might want to go without a data plan. This could save you a lot on your monthly bills.

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