Surveys are now telling us that about twenty-five percent of people have given up having a landline and just use their cell phone instead. If you're living alone in your cottage then it might make sense to just have one phone where people can get a hold of you no matter where you might be. But that also means that seventy-five percent of people still feel that they have need to have a landline. There are many different reasons why you might feel like a cell phone is just not enough.

If you're living in further towards the country where there is not yet a great consistent signal with your cell phone then you might need to have a landline in your home or cottage to make all of your calls. While those living in major cities might think that there are few places in North America that are not cell phone accessible, the truth is that there are definitely still dead spots when you get out of metropolitan areas. So, if you're living in a home and have a cottage out in the middle of nowhere then you might need to have a landline at that location.

The majority of people who choose to go without a landline are those why are under the age of thirty and those that are living on a limited income. Many people who starting living on their own in the last ten years never had much of a need for a landline and those who don't have a lot of money will not want to pay for multiple phone plans. If you're running your own company doing catering for example, based then you might wonder if you need a landline in the cottage office for your business. To answer this you should think of how many people will need to use the phone and how often you spend in the office at your cottage.

There are several other reasons why a person might choose to have a landline in their home or at the cottage. It is sometimes a better option when it comes to plans for those that make a lot of calls and the connection is sometimes much clearer. If you want to be your own boss and are setting up an office in your cottage then you will find that this is still the best choice when it comes to managing all of your calls at work.

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