One of the main purposes of most new technologies is just to make our lives run that much more smoothly. We are able to send files from work to our home in a matter of seconds with one click of a button and now can have one device in our pockets or purses that does everything from make calls to take pictures. One of the technologies that many people are embracing is the GPS system. No longer do you need to try to read a map or write down a list of confusing directions to get you to that waterfront cottage for sale you're thinking of buying or to a friend's wedding site. Now you can just type in your destination and follow the voice instructions.

While most people now think of the type of GPS systems that you suction onto your windshield in the car, there are actually a lot of different designs out there that are used for many different purposes. A handheld system is going to be great for those who like to hike while they're visiting the mountain real estate or camping in a national park. This includes a compass, your precise location, and the distance that you have traveled since beginning that journey. These models will usually cost less than one hundred dollars.

A GPS for an automobile ranges in price from around one hundred to three hundred dollars and can come with a variety of features. When you're looking for a tool like this you should know that you're usually getting what you pay for and that a cheaper model might not work when you're traveling between offices where there are lots of tall buildings to cover up the satellite signal. These are mostly going to be used for when need directions and can be programmed to send you to a specific location or the nearest service if you need a gas station or restaurant, for example.

GPS technology is also used by companies who have a fleet of vehicles on the road, for tracking performance as well as for safety. A transport truck fitted with a GPS device can provide data to its dispatchers about where a shipment is located, and how fast it's proceeding to its destination. If there is a problem along the way, the GPS data will help pinpoint where to send backup. According to the sales team at Transway Systems Inc., whose customers include excavating companies, having GPS in the trucks is well worth the minimal investment.

There are also now many other electronic devices that include a GPS feature. If you have a smart phone, like a Blackberry or an iPhone then you might be able to use that to get directions or to find a local store. There are also those with a map feature that don't actually track your current location. These are not GPS systems but could be a replacement if you're just looking for standard directions. If you're thinking of buying a GPS for yourself or as a gift you should make sure that this is going to provide technology that you or they aren't already getting from another source. This is something that is progressively being added to more and more things.

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