We haven't yet gotten to the point where you no longer need to go out to the mailbox at the end of the driveway every day, but there are certainly more things being sent through the Internet than ever before. You can go paperless when getting most of the bills for your home and no longer need to hand write a note to communicate with a sister on the other side of the country or tell people how your vacation is going. We are definitely in the age of email. What does it mean to go 'paperless' exactly? Read more.

Technology of all sorts has definitely had a huge impact on the business world. If you're working for a huge international corporation, it doesn't matter the size because you can now send a memo to hundreds of people in a matter of seconds. Even when you're applying for a job you usually now do so by sending your resume via email. But, one of the drawbacks of this is that more things can get lost on the way when everything's being sent online. Things can go into junk mail folders or can just get missed when dozens of new messages come in all at once.

Thanks to personal and business email there is now a record of most of the things that we do in our lives. If you buy a new computer when you get your paycheque and need repairs down the road then you can save your warranty right on your computer. You can also keep key documents if you're running any sort of business to help you stay organized. Office admin typically find it much more efficient to communicate with clients electronically, particularly in businesses where scheduling appointments is a high priority. The team finds that having a client looking for law advice request, an appointment time by email is more efficient than responding to phone calls, and sending appointment reminders by email is a huge time saver.

Even a technology as basic as email has found ways of evolving over the years. Now if you have a Smartphone or a computer with its own wireless connection you can access your email from anywhere. If you're out of the office working on the road you can still answer new customer questions or reply to a friend about a gathering on the weekend in a matter of seconds. Email is one of the greatest things to help you keep organized in life.

Some people think that we are becoming too dependent on email and there is something to be said for this argument. There used to be a definite separation between the time that we spent at work and our leisure time at home. Now, you can take your work with you anywhere, whether you're answering questions about your law firm from home in the evening or doing editing work while you're on vacation. Sometimes it's important to turn off all of your electronic devices and just enjoy a break. Just a few hours a week could make all of the difference in the world. But in the end, it's hard to imagine how we'd manage a life without email.

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