We only get one planet. If we ruin it, we're out of a home. However, a lot of the processes that are harmful to the environment are the same processes that give us our high standard of living - our cellular phones and wireless internet and technological gadgets. We here at Envirotech Wireless believe that we shouldn't have to sacrifice one for the other. We can have our technological devices without ruining the planet for future generations. By engaging in more environmentally responsible practices, product development, marketing, and energy use, we can achieve a balance between Earth friendly and Tech friendly.

Did you know that the simple act of making technological devices wireless can actually help the environment? It's true! It's the same principle as using online printing services instead of driving to the store to print your flyers. By making devices wireless capable, we can send signals through the air from device to device instead of manufacturing and installing the connecting cables. Even for one product category, such as a wireless printer, think of how many cables don't have to be made. Thousands, maybe even millions! And no cables means no replacement cables or cable repair or cable packaging, so we can cut down on waste.

Of course, we're still not sure yet what effects wireless signals have on the human body, and even though we make wireless devices, we also want to keep our customers safe. That's why we follow the latest research into how wireless signals affect biological processes - so we can be the first to adopt newer, safer wireless practices that preserve our health and environment. We even have the information we do know about wireless safety on display right here on our website so you, the customer, can know what you're buying and make an informed choice.

The wireless devices, such as laptop computers, internet routers, and iPods, give us our freedom and connectivity, but they also give off harmful chemicals into the environment when they are not disposed of properly. This is why one of the things we champion here at Envirotech Wireless is electronics recycling. By donating your old devices used in repairs for example, to nonprofit groups and charities, you can give underprivileged people the technological advantage that may give them a leg up on life. By taking your broken electronics to a licensed electronics recycling facility, you can ensure they're being disposed of safely.

If you're thinking of buying a wireless device, have questions about how wireless devices work, or are curious about the environmental effects of technology, Envirotech Wireless is your one stop shopping location for information. We've got a little bit of everything. Want to know how wireless devices are used for police work in Toronto? Curious about how to keep your personal information save when using a wireless network? Wondering how your technology habits effect the planet? We've got it all. Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to browse or contact us for more information.

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